Palgrave Macmillan Cities as International Actors

This book explores the growing role of cities and regions as sub national actors in shaping global governance. Far from being merely carried along by forces, have become active players in making maintaining networks conne


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IOP Concise Physics Quantitative Core Level Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Photoemission (also known as photoelectron) spectroscopy refers to the process in which an is removed from a specimen after atomic absorption of a photon. The first evidence of this phenomenon dates back to 1887 but it was not until 1


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Psychology Press A2 Level

This thoroughly updated edition of the bestselling Psychology for A2 Level has been written specifically new AQA A A2 level specification teaching from September 2009. It is ideal follow up to AS Psychology, 4th ed


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Corwin Positive Behavior Support at the Tertiary Level

Help students move from the "red zone" to success zone! How would you respond to a who has tantrums or hits other students? These and extremely challenging behaviors are identified as tertiary lev


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Palgrave Macmillan Recruiting International Students in Higher Education

This book offers a comprehensive overview and critical analysis of the UK's policy on recruiting international students. In a global context of education policy, it examines changes from New Labour policies under Tony Blair's Prime M


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Hodder Education The City & Guilds Textbook Level 2 Hairdressing and Barbering

Written specifically for the new City & Guilds Level 2 Technical Certificates in hairdressing or barbering, this book will provide your learners with everything they need to know to succeed in their studies. Complementing


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Palgrave Macmillan Work Placements A Survival Guide for Students

This book is an essential guide for students contemplating or embarking upon work placements. Using comments from students, employers and tutors, it includes guidelines on how to find an appropriate placement; audit skills; construct a strong CV


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Hodder Education Edexcel Psychology for A Level Book 1

Exam Board: EdexcelLevel: AS A levelSubject: PsychologyFirst Teaching: September 2015First Exam: June 2016Endorsed for


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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Gifts from the Heart

Gifts from the Heart is a friendly, concise, and easy to read book that helps students learn, practice, improve ten fundamental communication skills needed for any long term relationship. Each is presented as a "gift"


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Hodder Education AQA A level PE Book 2

Exam Board: AQALevel: AS A levelSubject: PEFirst Teaching: September 2016First Exam: June 2018Inspire, motivate and gi


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