Springer A3 Adenosine Receptors from Cell Biology to Pharmacology and

This book, with its 16 chapters, documents the present state of knowledge of adenosine A receptor. It covers a wide range of information, including data from 3 studies of theoretical, molecular and cellular pharmacology, signal transduction, i


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Springer A How To Guide For Medical Students

This book will be a 'how to' guide for medical students interested in pursuing a career in academic surgery. It discuss personal traits and rationale going into It review accomplishments as a that


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Springer Professional Learning in the Work Place for International Students

This book shares a range of examples where international students have undertaken a work placement, practicum, internship or participated in integrated learning. Contributions reflect on the successes and challenges that this particularly div


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Hodder Education AQA A level PE Book 2

Exam Board: AQALevel: AS A levelSubject: PEFirst Teaching: September 2016First Exam: June 2018Inspire, motivate and gi


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Palgrave Macmillan Educational Equality and International Students

In an increasingly globalised educational landscape, this book examines whether principle of equality can be applied across nation state borders. Exploring tension between theory of reality tha


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Kirwin Maclean Associates Ltd Theory and Practice: A Straightforward Guide

This is the third edition of this popular straightforward guide social work students. Written by two experienced practice educators, book is designed to address anxieties that many have about theory and


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Hodder Education AQA A level PE Book 1

Exam Board: AQALevel: AS A levelSubject: PEFirst Teaching: September 2016First Exam: June 2017Inspire, motivate and gi


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Springer Advances in Systems Biology

The International Society for Systems Biology (ISSB) is a society aimed at advancing world wide systems biology research by providing a forum scientific discussions and various academic services. helps coordinate researchers to form a


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Palgrave Macmillan Youth Transitions, International Student Mobility and

Drawing on comparative country case studies, this book explores student mobility in Europe, incorporating original theoretical perspectives to explain how happens and new empirical evidence to illustrate students become mobile within


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Hodder Education OCR Sociology for A Level Book 1

Exam Board: OCRLevel: A levelSubject: SociologyFirst Teaching: September 2015First Exam: June 2016Build students' conf


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