Hodder Education AQA Sociology for A level Book 2

Exam Board: AQALevel: AS A levelSubject: SociologyFirst Teaching: September 2016First Exam: June 2017Build students' u


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Routledge Religion and Biology

First published in 1922, this book represents an attempt to outline the biological approach to questions of religious thought. The author posits as a contribution to in relation to purpose of God in Nature, provi


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Springer Systems Biology

The objective of this book is to present the strategies employed by living organisms on a molecular level and to help understand basics of Systems Biology. Its content is organized in a way to meet exponential growth in volume of biolo


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Springer International Students in the Asia Pacific

This book documents the growing mobility of international students in Asia Pacific. International comprise over 2.7m and it is estimated by OECD that this will top 8 million in 2020. The great majority of them are


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Hodder Education AQA A level PE Book 1

Exam Board: AQALevel: AS A levelSubject: PEFirst Teaching: September 2016First Exam: June 2017Inspire, motivate and gi


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ABC CLIO A New Biology of Religion: Spiritual Practice and the Life of

This book is unique in its focus on bodily experience as an independent source of knowledge and insight, an important aspect of recent discoveries in neurology psychology. By rethinking what it is to be human role self consciousness p


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Lantern Publishing Study Skills for Master's Level Students, second edition

The second edition of this very popular book will help students to develop the skills they need to make transition from undergraduate to postgraduate thinking, researching and writing. It has been comprehensively updated to include latest


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Springer The Long and Short Non coding RNAs in Cancer Biology

The book conveys a comprehensive knowledge of long and short ncRNAs in cancer regulation their potentials as diagnostic biomarkers therapeutic targets. Topics covered include molecular mechanisms of various classes of (with emph


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Hodder Education OCR Sociology for A Level Book 1

Exam Board: OCRLevel: A levelSubject: SociologyFirst Teaching: September 2015First Exam: June 2016Build students' conf


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Palgrave Macmillan Cities as International Actors

This book explores the growing role of cities and regions as sub national actors in shaping global governance. Far from being merely carried along by forces, have become active players in making maintaining networks conne


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