Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Teachers and Students

Teaching is hard. Many teachers find it stressful. New often lose their enthusiasm. The special education population is skyrocketing. Students are losing motivation. What has gone wrong? How can we create powerful learning in studen


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UPA Swahili Grammar for Introductory and Intermediate Levels

This book is intended for university students and anyone interested in learning Standard Swahili grammar as spoken in the East African Community of Tanzania, Kenya Uganda. The most comprehensive currently available, some of co


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Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften Industrial

The author examines the productivity, profitability and welfare effects of industrial clustering a public policy promoting clusters in Ethiopia. He uses reliable counterfactuals as well as original enterprise worker level data.


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Mosby Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, International Edition

The new edition of this now classic book continues to provide dental students with all of the information required to ensure a complete understanding of oral anatomy, histology embryology as they relate to practice. Authored by experts


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Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers You Can't Teach Us

This book addresses the needs of diverse urban students for a new kind of teacher, classroom learning context, curriculum, and pedagogy in order to effectively learn, perform, achieve. Drawing on African concept of Ubuntu as a fundamental


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Cambridge University Press Bullying, Cyberbullying and Student Well Being

School bullying and cyberbullying are widely recognized as an international problem, but publications have focused on the western tradition of research. In India, recognition of these issues on topics been emerging in recent


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Palgrave Macmillan Firm Level Internationalization, Regionalism and Globalization

The current international business environment is characterized by two contradictory but at times mutually supplementary trends. Regionalization is part of the process of globalization, it can also be a counter force to as stakeh


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Routledge India International Trade and Global Civil Society

This study challenges the dominant tendency of civil society to negate international trade as such. The authors argue that it is necessary to frame differentiated rules based on levels of economic development, and also to shift from subsidie


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Routledge OCR Philosophy of Religion for AS and A2

Structured directly around the specification of OCR, this is definitive textbook for students of Advanced Subsidiary or Level courses. The updated third edition covers all necessary topics Philosophy of Religion in an enjo


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Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers People Need to Know

People Need to Know follows a group of students as they study defining event in their community's history a 1930 lynching that was captured in one of century's most iconic and disturbing photographs. With ambitions of contributi


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