Kanebo - Kate Designning Eyeliner 0.35ml EX-1 Clear Dark Brown

Brand from Japan: Kanebo. Also for lower eyelashes, eyebrows, and hairline. A multifunctional eyebrow that allows you to naturally add hair to where you want it. A fine brush type that can control both thin and thick. The clear brown color with a sense of sheer creates a natural hair flow. A film type that does not easily come off and bleed. How to use: You can create a natural hair flow just by drawing one by one where you want to add hair. Lower eyelashes: Draw a line from the edge of the lower eyelid to the outside so that you can relax. Eyebrows You can create a natural hair flow just by drawing a line one by one where you want to add hair. Hairline: Draw a shadow on the downy hair part of the hairline and the part that becomes hair.

16.6EUR :


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