Kanebo - Kate Color Shading Bar 9g Limited Edition - 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Kanebo. Shade the face line to give a small face impression. Stick-type shading that blends in with your skin color with just one touch. The oval stick shape that fits your face makes it easy to make a small face impression with a single coat. Available in two nuance colors that pursue a three-dimensional effect and familiarity with the skin. You can also use it as a cheek shading if you apply it by sliding it to the side. How to use: Please use it to finish the base makeup. As contour shading, align the bar with the face line and apply by sliding from the chin to the position of the gills. As cheek shading, apply by sliding the bar from under the inner corner of the eye toward the outside of the cheek. If you want to make it more familiar, use your fingertips to blur the boundary between the applied area and your skin.

24.35EUR :


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